Friday FitNews: August 28

Want to know what’s buzzing in the health & fitness industry? Here’s what’s on my radar for this week:


Getting Comfortable with the Future of Athleisure – The rise of athletic fashion is a win-win for companies and consumers. On-trend comfort for the wearer, and new opportunities for growth in all our favorite stores. What’s not to love? Continue reading


Healthy Twist on Banana Bread

IMG_5098There’s something about those childhood treats that, when recreated as an adult, taste extra good. My favorite is nothing fancy–the Banana Bread recipe from the Better Homes New Cook Book (with our traditional family addition of mini chocolate chips). But, considering I could eat an entire loaf in one sitting, I decided to try to lighten up the recipe by subbing in Greek yogurt for some of the fat, egg whites for some of the eggs, and cutting down on the sugar. Next time, I’m going to try swapping in whole wheat flour for some of the regular flour to make it more filling.

This is a great way to use those extra “freezer bananas” that have been hiding in the back corner of your fridge for months, and make a delicious (but somewhat healthy) treat. Continue reading

At-home Yoga

FijiYogaI’ve always had a bit of a crush on yoga. From attempting basic poses in high school gym class, to studio classes of Power Vinyasa, to backyard morning Sun Salutations, I’ve enjoyed bursts of yoga throughout my life and fitness journey.

While I’ve loved every yoga class I’ve been to, I just don’t have the money to pay for consistent classes at a studio. But, thanks to the Internet, I can do amazing classes at home–for free. The best part (besides the non-existent price tag), is the fact that I can do it wherever I have wifi, and don’t have to worry about tipping over in half moon pose. Continue reading

Treadmill Interval Workout

When it’s nice outside (almost never in Upstate NY), I love to run outside. It feels like a crime not to take advantage of sunny weather. But when it’s not so nice, I like to take advantage of a gym treadmill to get a killer workout. Here’s an interval workout that has me sweaty and jello-legged by the end–the perfect cardio finish after a good lift.  Continue reading


One of my favorite things about Boulder, CO, (which is also one of the things that made it remind me of Ithaca), is all the amazing food. The city has a dedication to local, organic, farm-to-table food, which, when coupled with foodie chefs, result in amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and packaged treats.


Continue reading

BOCO: Fitness Adventures in Boulder

A morning run at Chautauqua, which slowly ascended 800ft into the mountains.

In my few days in Boulder, I was determined to a) work off some of the lovely “fluff” I felt creeping on during the endless hours in the car and gas station meals, and b) figure out why Boulder keeps topping lists as the fittest city in America.

Day 1‘s activity was reserved for moving an apartment’s-worth of stuff up a flight of stairs to my sister’s new apartment. Continue reading

Hotel Workout: On the road again

Hotel1Part of my summer “funemployment” included plans to move my twin sister out to Boulder, CO for graduate school. Two weeks of non-stop travel took me from Rochester, NY to New York City, Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Nashville, Topeka, and, finally, Boulder.

I personally think one of the best ways to get to know a city is to run around it solo. But long days of travel, creepy ghost towns (Topeka, I’m looking at you), and sore shins kept me from running a ton while on the road. In Nashville, we scored a bargain-priced night at the Holiday Inn Express, which had a fully stocked dumbbell rack, a bench, 2 treadmills and an elliptical. Nothing fancy, but perfect for a quick lift before heading back into the car. Continue reading

Smoothie Bowls

SmoothieBowlWhy do liquids taste better out of a spoon? No idea. But I do know that’s one reason I love smoothie bowls. If you haven’t heard of or seen them around social media, you’re missing out. They’re essentially your favorite smoothie, thickened up a little, and poured in a bowl. Throw some superfood toppings on, and you’ve got yourself a nutritious, easy and delicious breakfast or lunch. Continue reading